Monday, December 22, 2008


Does this number mean anything to you? It is my magic number this year. It is the number of cookies I put away for my family's annual Cookie Party. Wanna look in my freezer? Yes, there are only cookies in there.

is a look at my table from last year.

Now, here is a look at my table, at the beginning of the party, from this year, as well as some close-ups of the cookies.

This was the peppermint plate. My candy canes came out GREAT this year, so I finally found the keeper recipe.

This is the peanut plate, set way back in the middle of the table for the few attendees that have a peanut allergy.

My kids helped decorate the sugar cookies this year. They showed tremendous restraint helping me by not licking fingers or sneaking the fun stuff. Instead, they just loaded down some of the cookies with a little bit of everything.

Oh my goodness, these are so good. I found this one - Super Duper Chocolate Kisses - in the 2008 Better Homes and Gardens Cookie magazine.

Some simple shortbread and one of my all-time favorites, Knock You Nakeds. These are so rich and yummy, I cut these small so that they last a little bit longer.

These are my apothecary jars that I added to the center of the table at the last minute. I adorned the necks of the jars with some of the Martha Stewart gingerbread boy felt ribbon.

Last, but not least, a look at the bag of cookies that went home with each household. Most of the bags had one of every kind of cookie that was made. We had more family and friends than ever before and I actually ran out of three (of the 31) varieties of cookies! I guess that means I need to make even MORE cookies next year!


Geeta said...

You have got to be kidding!!! OH MY GOODNESS, Elena! Very cool. I bet they all are YUMMY!

linda said...


Elena, you are AMAZING! How did you find time to bake this many cookies?! And, they all look super yummy! Bravo!

maryrose said...

Wowzers! I thought I loved cookies, but Elena, you've got me beat! I wish I was there to give them a taste-testing!
Merry Christmas!
mary rose

OregonGrlAtHart said...

omg!! elena, i want an invite next year:) all of the cookies look so scrumptious!! love june

Heather said...

Wow ... that's amazing, Elena.

Jen said...

Holy Cow!!!! I can't believe you found time to make all of those- and that many kinds too! They look beautiful! Happy holidays!

Jill Grace said...


That pretty much sums it up! :)

jenn shurkus said...

wow elena ;) you put my lil cookie swap to shame :) i love the cookie cutters in the vase as a center piece.... SOOOO cute :)

merry christmas!

jenstamps said...

GET OUT!!!! That is a lot of baking but your table looks gorgeous and yummy!!!