Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What's In The Box?

Do you want to know what I packed up in my little countdown box that was featured on the A Muse News blog on Dec. 14?

Since I chose the dove as the image for the box, I chose Dove chocolates for the inside, too.

I had forgotten to take a photo before leaving my box in Seattle, so the lovely Heather Meeson did the honors for me (isn't she a terrific photographer?). Thank you, Heather!

Have a happy Holiday!!!


Well Said Cards said...

YUM! I love dove chocolates! The reindeer munchies were a big hit. Baby B loved making them and we've made a total of three batches already! Merry Christmas!!

StampinCathy said...

Now this is just perfect for this box. I love dove chocolate!

jenstamps said...

Perfect combination!!! I *love* the Dove chocolates!!!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!!!