Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cookies Up the Wazoo!

This was my dining room table on Sunday. It was filled with 27 different types of cookies that I made for our family holiday party (this isn't a cookie exchange). For some friends and neighbors, it was their first Shacochis Cookie Party and I got a lot of "Are you crazy?" thrown my way. But, I love to bake and I enjoy having our friends, family and neighbors come to visit for a little bit and let the kids run loose through the house or the yard. Every family leaves with a bag that has one of each type of cookie in it, too. So if someone didn't get to try something, they will at lease have the chance later. All the cookies that don't make it out of the storage bags, go into bags for the mailman, waste disposal specialists, teachers and various others. I was a bit wiped out after Sunday, plus I had lots of other things to get done before stamping, so I can only leave you with another picture of cookies (the 28th variety) that were special requests by the Red Sox fans in my house (there are actual green St. Patrick's Day uniforms, too!). The last photo is for the paper crafters - my centerpiece!


Heather said...

Wow! That's just the coolest looking table o' cookies ever! Sounds like sooo much fun!

Novell said...

Man, I hear ya on being wiped out from baking! I did my big baking blitz, too. I did 11 varieties with double batches of each, plus 5 batches of sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. By Sunday night my arms, neck, shoulders, and legs were so sore! Your goodies look yummy! I'm sure everyone appreciated your hard work!

mj said...

girl ... where do you find the time?! thanks for my Christmas card! that was so sweet of you!
merry Christmas to you and your fam!