Friday, December 14, 2007

This Old House

Here is another ornament for you. I figured that I did not need to bother with a sneak peek today because you can see all of the new images right now, right here. So much fun! Let me know what your favorites are when you have a moment, I'd love to hear. Ok, so the ornament here is from a Martha Stewart kit found at Michaels. It had eight house shaped favor boxes. The boxes were cute, but I would have preferred these without the green windows and doors. So I just covered it with paper and added stamped images. I made the chimney from 4 stamped images (cut out with little tabs added), I cut out windows and adhered transparency film behind each, too. Here's a look at the one of the windows:

Mouser probably is stirring, looking for something good to eat! I am not 100% pleased with this, but I think there is potential in the project. It did come in a set of eight, so I might try out another idea when time permits.

I hope you all have a great weekend. We are supposed to get the dreaded "wintry mix" just in time for my Cookie Party. I will try to share some photos next week with you, if I remember to take any photos, that is.

info: images by A Muse, cardstock by Bazzill, pop dots, Diamond Dust, Prismacolor markers, transparency, house kit from Martha Stewart, stickles, black pen.


melissa said...

This is so cute Elena! You are crazy creative! I love that you added the carolers-I love that stamp!

Great job!

CraftyEngineer said...

Hey Elena! Cute house and...

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Connie said...

This is really fantastic. I saw those at Michaels and couldn't think of what to do with them. Good work.

Michelle M White said...

I may need to "lift" this idea for my glitter houses! How cute would they be with a little A Muse mouse?!?

JULIE said...

............THUD!!!! Elena, this is the most charming thing in the world!