Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Few Quick Crafty Things

My preschooler had her final day of school on Thursday and I had to get her teachers' gifts together. I made some yummy treats for each of them and packaged all of the items in a small gift bag. This is the tag that was on the bag.

I made some small loaves of pumpkin bread for each teacher. This is the wrapped up loaf with a fun tag.

I also made some "Reindeer Munchies" and placed some in clean Starbucks Frappuccino bottles and added a fun, flocked tag (are your sensing a theme?). By the way, this is such a GOOD treat for kids to make and leave for Santa to take to his reindeer ;)

I also made some extra fancy cookies for the teachers, packaged those and adorned it with another cute tag. My preschooler thought the tag was "so cool" that she had to touch it while the liquid applique was still tacky - see her fingerprint there?

And, finally, I got a little more crafty with a paper mache cone I've had for about a year. I used one 8.5" x 11" piece of paper to cover the cone and a small paper mache star covered in Ultra Thick Embossing Powder for the top. The two smaller trees were made following these instructions. If you do this, though, be advised that the instructions for folding are a little off. It says to fold four times, but you really need to fold more than that (I think 8 times?) if you want it to look like the picture. The tiny tree I made using my scallop punches in all the Marvy sizes - extra jumbo through giga. It is really cute!


Dawn said...

That big Christmas tree is so cool! You are so talented!

jenstamps said...

These projects are all so cool!!!