Sunday, February 10, 2013

One Last Card

I had time this evening to stamp one more card.  I had this idea last night while stamping the three cards from one set, but I knew I was too tired to try to make it as I had envisioned.  I had not yet done anything from Day 9 - Using Textures and very much wanted to try to add ink with a brayer to embossed paper.  I had some scraps of embossed paper in my little scrap pile, so I got to work.

I added black acrylic paint to the scraps of paper and cut those down to small strips and trimmed.  Then I put washi tape onto other small scraps of paper, trimmed the ends and adhered those strips to the card. For a bit more texture, why not some felt?  I'd had this one hanging around for a while, so it was a pretty quick card, especially since I used the heat gun to speed up the drying time of the paint.

I have really enjoyed the class session.  I look forward to seeing what the next new class offering will be.  And, I hope that this has got my stamp senses tingling!  Thanks for checking in these past two weeks and for the comments. 

Stamp by Avery Elle.


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