Monday, June 14, 2010

14 Years and Counting

Today my husband and I are celebrating our fourteenth anniversary. We went out for a fun night on the town last week, so tonight is a laid-back affair with dinner at home.

I had not yet gotten a card made for him as of last night, but this morning, while I was out for a walk/run, this card idea formed in my head. When I got home, I quickly headed downstairs and put this together. Super easy and perfect for my husband (no frills). And, since it is one layer, it even qualifies for the "Taking Off the Layers" challenge in the A Muse Lounge. Best yet, I think the card got his approval this morning!

Happy Flag Day!


Michellem said...

LOVE this! Simply perfect!

Jill Grace said...

GASP!!! This is a perfect card! I [love] it! :)

lexi said...

great card! and happy anniversary--ours is june 14th, too, but we celebrated 13 years!