Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Technically Crafty

Hi all! I don't have anything stampy to share today. I've been busy in my hole, but it is still under wraps. Sorry :(

But, I have been working with a different part of my brain in the craft department the last few days; a technical, more precise activity: sewing. I find that sewing is challenging because if you mess up, you can't easily toss it aside and start over on a new cut of fabric (too expensive, for one). It may take more time to get to a finished product, but, it is a satisfying end.

This is an apron that I made without a real pattern. Talk about challenging! I used a halter swim top as pattern/guide for the bodice, then added a plain skirt front with a simple ruffle. It was fun to do. I think that I could work out the kinks on this one and maybe use it a a fun bridal shower gift.

Here is a look from the side. Please ignore the slouch and bulges on the model. She is a mother of four who knows she should stand up straight, but is just tired.

This is what I've decided to call my "rags to riches" shirt. I've seen lots of embellished tees on some sewing blogs and thought that the techniques would be fun to try. Many people are using cheap shirts or old shirts for the embellishments. Well, I had this t-shirt that had a couple of holes in it and I thought I'd use it for a rag. Then I remembered that it could provide me with quite a lot of long strips of white knit material. After some cutting and sewing and pulling, I had about 7 ruffled pieces. These can be wound and stitched together to make rosettes. I sewed three rosettes to a plain white v-neck shirt that I had in my drawer and now I have a pretty shirt to wear on my date tonight with my husband to see Conan O'Brien's "The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour" in D.C. Fun!


Anonymous said...

Tia Elena,
What a pretty shirt - how clever of you to make such pretty flowers.
Love, Lily and Naomi
see you soon

Kathy said...

Love the apron and the fabrics are so petty together! I also love how the rosettes turned out and they looks so trendy on your shirt. Happy Anniversary :)