Sunday, February 7, 2010

Final Snow Update (Or Is It?)

It stopped snowing before 5pm last night. We even had a sunset! Today has been a day of having some fun in the snow, clearing the remainder of the driveway and digging out a neighbor.

We already have word that there will be no school tomorrow. And, the forecast is for more snow Tuesday evening; maybe another 4-6 inches. Hooray for snow days!

Here is a panoramic look at our house (panorama are my husband's new favorite iPhoto trick).

I will have something crafty and stampy to share soon!


Beach Girl 115 said...

That's a lot of snow! We had nada in NY!

Anonymous said...

WOW Elena - that's astonishing! Awesome pic - I love that the kids look so tiny :) Glad you are finding joy in the snow.

mtfalco said...

omg, that is a TON of snow. wow. I guess I should not complain about the rain here in CA. Glad you could get out to enjoy it!

june said...

i don't think it is;) your kids must be having a ball!!