Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Stamping and LSS Love

Last Thursday, known around these parts as "My Last Day of Freedom," I decided to take a trip to my LSS, Angela's Happy Stamper, to spend a few minutes browsing. I knew it would be the last "me" time I'd get for a while. Plus, these small business owners, who've had it bad enough, are really hurting with all of the weekend snowstorms we've had the past two months and could use the small spending boost I could provide. Who better than the friendly Angela to get my business?

My two youngest children went with me and were good enough to sit and play with Angela's toys and books while I circled the floor. They absolutely love going to the stamping store because they can play with Legos and the Little People farm and other customers will chat with them. Every one of the people they have met there have been so nice to them and the staff is always so welcoming.

So, they played and I poked along looking at samples on the walls, inks, glitter, paper and stamps. I had the intention to buy something just for me, just because. Every once in a while it is nice to do that, you know? Well, I found a cute Vintage Apron from Lockhart Stamps and decided it needed to come home with me. It is a much larger stamp than I am used to using and I wasn't really sure what I was going to do with it, but it was the last one on the shelf and I didn't want to pass it up.

When I finally got around inking it up, I thought of a long ago sewing project, my first sewing project, a red gingham apron. I pulled out some A Muse petite gingham paper and made myself a new apron. I've sent this card off to an aunt in Holly Grove, Arkansas, this morning who inspires me to carry on the tradition of being a good home cook, just like my Mamaw Cassie. Last July, she showed me how to make peach preserves.

It came out well, so I stamped one on some other scrap paper to make another. This one I cut out and placed on a tag (used Angela's Accu-Cut machine while I was there, too!) that I could attach to a food gift in the future. I used a sentiment and a teeny heart from the A Muse Baking clear stamp set for this, too.

After two quick projects, I decided to do some coloring. I stayed with the same colors, red and light blue, to make this one. I guess vintage images make me think of precious memories and what could be more precious than a mom? This sentiment just fits perfectly with the apron!

Thanks for letting me ramble. For those of you out there reading this, thank you for being my outlet to sanity. The kids are home from school through Wednesday (at least) and the Federal Government is shut down (yes, again today!). Wish us luck and patience!


Krystie Lee said...

These are fabulous! The gingham is perfect, and I love your coloring! Great projects!

Tisha said...

Love that stamp, and all the things you did with it!! Glad you survived the storm of the century!! Take care, and do something nice for yourself before the next one!!

Rachael said...

I absolutely love what you did with that stamp! It makes me want to find it and go buy it! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

WOW - you did such beautiful things with this stamp. I would totally be intimidated with it. I'm glad you got a little "you" time!

Stamper on the Edge, said...

I'm late in commenting bevause I just now saw this post. I love the apron! Your cards are super cute. And your reminiscing reminded me of an apron I have tat belonged to my Mom. It's green and white gingham embroidered with green floss. It's one of those Mrs. Cleaver style aprons that you tie the bow in the back. It's one of my family treasures. Thanks for bringing back the memories.