Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sharing Time

I thought I'd play along with Heather this week and share a "spark." The challenge was to use a product or technique that was new to you. I wasn't really sure what I could do at first, then I spotted a package of Twinkling H2O's that I borrowed from my mom about 8 months ago. I had wanted to try these but never found the time or right image. But the wreaths from The Saltbox Studio seemed like a good fit. The H2O's were bold colors, though, which I am not used to using. I had to scrounge a bit for papers that would compliment the H2O's. I even found a sheet of cardstock that had a shimmer to it. In the end, I like how it turned out, but I think I need to experiment more with it. H2o's are easy to use and this card was still pretty quick. Below is a better view of all the "twinkling."

In other sharing, the lovely and talented Korie B. tagged me to share some random things about me. Since I have a few minutes I'll play. By the way, check out Korie's site if you are in the D.C. Metro area; she has news on the local craft scene and teaches some really neat classes, too!

1. I am a middle child.
2. I will bake anything, just to try it, not for any purpose.
3. I like to play in the garden.
4. I have top-secret A Muse rubber on my desk right now.
5. I need to go to the bus stop in about 10 minutes.
6. I organize, not one, but two Easter egg hunts every year: one for the under 12 set and one for the 20 years and over set.
7. I love to hear Brett Favre talk.

Ok, enough about me. I know that I am supposed to tag more people, but I don't know who to tag. Anyone want to play? Let me know :)

Have a great day!

card info: image and sentiment by The Saltbox Studio, cardstock and ribbon from my supply, Twinkling H2O's.


Korie B. said...

Thanks for playing along! So, tell me.... what's the secret stamp? I'm dying to know!

Tisha said...

Ahh, a fellow Brett lover! I actually teared up last week watching his retirement press conference! Maybe he'll become a broadcaster and we can listen to him all the time!

Heather said...

Thanks for playing along this week, Elena! Twinkling H20's ... haven't used those in a while! This makes me want to pull them out and give 'em a whirl again! The shimmer is so pretty on your image!

Your Easter Egg hunt for the over 20 set sounds like a BLAST!

And ... Mr. Farve. So dreamy! *laugh*

Anonymous said...

Hi - friends of Elena,
I'm Elena's mom. The Easter Egg hunt for the over-20 set (now more like the over-30 set) is more like a contact sport - quite fierce (I am usually laughing too hard to take many photos) - elbows and hands flying to find hidden eggs. "Are you ready to find candy-filled eggs??"

E's mami