Sunday, July 1, 2007

For Inspiration, Just Look Down

I bought my two year old these cute sandals the other day. I usually go for a closed toe type for little ones, but these were the best I could find. When we got home I helped her put these on. In looking more closely at the shoes I realized that the scallop, eyelet and stitching could be recreated with stamps. This is what I came up with last night. The faux eyelet and stitching is very light in the pictures - I used a light grey ink. I also, folded the notecard off-center, which causes a bit of a problem because of the existing center score line. But, I think I could do this again with some fanagaling.
I have been working on a few other things, but I haven't had time to load pictures lately. I am still here, though!

card info: notecard and images by A Muse, cardstock and ribbon from my supply.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I bought the same sandals for my 2yr old daughter too! She always has to put them on herself and always puts them on the wrong feet. I tell her "there on the wrong feet" and she fixes them then. I love the card you made. It's always fun when you find something in particular that inspires you. ~PennyH

lexi said...

so pretty--it's amazing where we get inspiration and how fun it is to translate that inspiration into a card! :) lexi

Nancy said...

Very creative Elena...I love the card!

Elizabeth Royalty said...

adorable card and cutie patootie sandals (man... i sure do want a girl! LOL!)... hope you're enjoying the summer!

deb said...

Love the ribbon element.. cutie patootie!.. OMG.. I just typed this and then read where Elizabeth said the same thing!! Geeze are we all becoming "Kindred" or what?
blessings!! deb