Saturday, December 24, 2011


That is the number of cookies I made for our annual Cookie Party that was last Sunday. It took me almost the full week to recover. Well, not really; I did have a lot of holiday performances and errands to attend to before today. I thought I'd pop in here to share some of the pictures of yummy delights.

This was one of the more popular plates - the chocolate mint cookies went fast (third most popular)!

Here are my favorites, brown sugar pecan cookies, and my husband's favorites, cranberry bliss bars. In the striped bowl are Irish creme delights (mmmmm, Bailey's Irish Creme!) a yummy frosted bite.

This Santa bowl houses candy cane cookies every year and puts a smile on my face each time.

Can't go wrong with oatmeal butterscotch, shortbread or gingersnaps (another favorite of mine).

These were the second most popular cookie because there were only two left after the party was over. We had to save those to give Santa tonight!

Sugar cookies are always the first to go. Maybe it is the bright colors or fun shapes but it is not for my decorating skills, that's for sure.

The full spread at the beginning of the party. Another fun gathering this year. Hopefully next year our kitchen will be bigger and more conducive to partying.

I've just gotten back into my stamping room this week after about a six week hiatus. I didn't get around to making too many holiday cards but I've stamped tags for gifts. I am looking forward to a quite January during which I can stamp and get creative again.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

You are amazing Elena - that is SO MUCH work! I'm over here drooling! I bet everyone had a blast - what a wonderful tradition

Novell said...

Looks amazing, Elena!!

june said...

I always look forward to your cookie pics! Drool! You should compile a cookie swap cookbook:)

Sunny Penn said...

Hi Elena, I'd like to buy some of your stamps. I don't have Outlook 2007 account so I'm just wondering whether you could email me at Thank you very much!