Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birch Trees

Hello everyone! We've endured a deluge of rain here since late last night so we've spent the day inside. It's a good thing, too, because I needed a day where my kids didn't want to be out doing things! Since coming home from Massachusetts, I've had lots to do: entertain kids who can't go to the pool because one of them has a broken finger, laundry, menu planning, laundry, clean house, go through vacation photos, laundry, visiting grandparents, three birthday parties in a matter of five days, organizing my craft hole and laundry. I think I am mostly caught up on all this. I should be exhausted, but there just isn't time!

I managed to get a thank you card in the mail to my brother-in-law and nieces who hosted us one night while we were away. The girls had actually just spent some time here in Virginia and spent two nights with me. One of those nights, we stayed out late catching lightning bugs. I had every intention of taking pictures, but I was the only adult on hand and had the duty of opening and closing the jars quickly. When I sat down to make a card, I thought of that night and was inspired. Here it is:

I've heard that lightning bugs aren't everywhere, but around here in June and July, they start to sparkle and shine at dusk and go well past dark. We caught well over two dozen that night and let them go before we went in for bed. It was fun. I hope my nieces like the "memory" note.

card info: birch trees, happy summer, dot bl, grass, natural white cardstock, navy cardstock, buttercup cardstock, yellow twinkle stickers by A Muse Artstamps, white embossing powder.


imteresa said...

That's adorable! I've always wanted to catch lightning bugs!

Heather said...

The night time scene is fun!