Monday, April 5, 2010

It Is Almost Too Hot

It is only April 5 and we are going through a mini heat wave! I walked my daughter to preschool this morning and I was really hot by the time I got home. But it felt good to get in the four mile walk! My youngest daughter enjoyed the flowers and birds along the way, except for the "stinky trees" that lined the sidewalk. I have no idea what type of tree these are, but they are quite aromatic.

Last night, after the kids got to bed and my husband went to meet a friend to watch the Red Sox beat the Yankees, I sat and did some just for fun stamping. I didn't really get too much in last week, so I made up for it last night. I still had some of the woodland critters stamps out and lots of scraps, so I got to work creating.

This card was inspired by all the mushrooms we find in our yard every spring. We don't have pretty red ones, just the regular gray and white ones. But, those wouldn't look fun on a card. I hand cut the tree and used my Slice to cut out flower petals to use as the leaves.

I have a love-hate relationship with the Slice. Sometimes it works great and I am so happy. Sometimes, I have the most skewed shapes and I get frustrated. Maybe I hold it down to hard? Maybe not hard enough? I don't know, but it kills me to waste cardstock. I'm thinking the new hands free doo-dad for the Slice might help. Anyone with good Slice pointers care to share with me? I'd love some feedback!

card info: sky blue notecard, chiffon green paper, woodgrain paper, white paper, mushroom trio, just sittin' here, and swiss red polka dot ribbon by A Muse Artstamps, Copic markers, Signo white pen, green colored pencil, Slice.


Kathy said...

Super cute...very creative! Love your tree and mushrooms :)

Novell said...

Hey, I emailed you about your Slice issues.

Jill said...

Love the tree! So creative. And just like you, those mushrooms make me so happy.