Monday, March 29, 2010

Woodland Critters Inspiration

Good afternoon!

It is Spring Break here in No. Virginia and I have had to fight my kids to get to the computer today. I'd be worried for the rest of the week, but I've got some things planned that will get them out of the house. The weather is supposed to be lousy to be outdoors through tomorrow, but Wednesday through the weekend looks great. Perfect egg hunting weather!

Today starts some card inspiration for stamps that you may already have in your collection, but with new notecard colors. I am late getting new cards together, so I am sharing two things that were featured on the AMN blog today.

First is a little notebook that I made. I used some square coasters and cut down some of the school lined cardstock for the pages. It came together quite quickly, too, which is always an added bonus!

I thought this would be a perfect little book to share with a friend. You could almost treat like a circle journal, even though it is a bit small. My oldest daughter has begun asking me questions on a twice-a-day basis, so this could be someplace where she could record all her questions and answers.

This card was also shared today. And, look! Beautiful watermelon paper (I cut it to 4-bar size). Oh, how I love it! Now, more about the card. I have a bitty envelope template that I've had for ages and it seldom gets used. I thought it would be fun to make snail stationary to put on a card. Get it? It is itty bitty, but still fun.

Now, I'm off to start soup for supper on this dreary day.


Liz said...

As always, beautiful designs... I especially love the mini envelope you used with the snail card!

Novell said...

Ha! I created a 'snail mail' card using the mini envelope, too! Just missed posting it. Too funny!