Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jumping on the 3-D Bandwagon

Don't worry, no special glasses required for this post because I'm not talking about the movies. Although, I'd love to hear about any recent experiences with a 3-D movie.

Ok, what I am talking about is the current *hot* trend in papercrafting: 3-D paper flowers. I have seen lots and lots and lots of flowers on cards lately. And each one is made differently. I've seen flat, curved, scrunched, big, small, etc. A couple of weeks ago I was at a store and spied a pretty top with a row of ruffles down one side of the neckline. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the ruffles were made from a scalloped shape that had been folded a couple of times. So, when I got home that day, I experimented a bit with a flower punch and some cardstock.

Not sure how I feel about it right now. I am thinking that I will go back to the drawing board, maybe less layers. Suggestions?


Michellem said...

Don't change a thing - I love your flower!!

Jill said...

WOW! I love this. Very striking and this is such a happy color combo!

Theresa P. said...

Your card is gor-jus! Very fabulous! As to 3-D movies...If Avatar is still playing in a theater near you GO SEE IT!!!

Ingrid said...

Love the card - I printed off a tutorial for some of these flowers myself a couple of weeks ago - esp. the one where you fold the punched flowers (but I haven't tried it at home yet). I think this card is lovely and adore your shamrock, too!

I saw avatar with the girls and was thrilled to be able to see the 3D - I think the special glasses are prismed to assist those who do not have perfectly aligned eyes. I have monocular vision and have never been able to see 3D before, so it was a "WOW" experience for me.