Wednesday, December 30, 2009


That was my *magic* number this year for cookies. We were able to have our annual cookie party this past Sunday, with many family and friends in attendance to help us eat. It had been scheduled for the previous weekend, but our area was under 20" of snow. Most people were not going to be able to make it out of their neighborhoods or into our neighborhood. It was a bit sad to have to wait to share all the sweet treats with everyone, but the gathering we had was still a lot of fun, albeit, loud and crazy with so many children approaching their pre-teen years (imagine the shrieking of girls every time they saw a boy and you know what happened).

Here is a look at the table, ready for guests:

And here is my youngest enjoying her first cookie (that would be the cookie with Bailey's Irish Creme in the frosting). Mmmmmm, cookies.....

I know I had nothing paper crafty to share today, but all of these cookies were handcrafted by me, so that should count for something, right? I will be back with something fun and paper-crafted for you very soon. It is my New Year's Resolution to do so! *wink*

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