Sunday, July 26, 2009

Life in the Woods

Let's just say it keeps me on my toes! We've been trying to outwit and outmaneuver some critters lately and it takes a lot of work. We've had the unfortunate privilege of having a mouse in the house and it seemed to have figured out the humane trap we had been baiting. Frustrating, to say the least. Keep fingers crossed for me, please. I'm begging you!

We also have had a seemingly pregnant squirrel trying to build a nest/drey on the inside of our screen porch. Last year we had a similar incident, but didn't realize it until after the squirrel had given birth. We didn't want that to happen again because the mama was destroying the screen by chewing large holes in it, as well as tearing up my azalea bushes to use for its nest. Last week we tried boarding it up, but it came right back and chewed a hole in another part of the screen. I have cleaned out three nests over the last ten days made by this squirrel! I think we have finally managed to discourage the squirrel and it looks like it has made housing arrangements in a nearby tree.

Inspired by the small woodland creatures that have consumed my life lately, I made this card. I think that I have a pregnant friend that will appreciate the story behind the card, as well as just a friendly hello.

I hope that you'll check back in with me later in the week. I have a fun mini album to share with you!

card info: french roast and buttercup notecards, orange gingham paper, squirrel, and nest by A Muse, sentiment by The Saltbox Studio, colored pencils, ribbon by May Arts.


Frozenstamper said...

Darling card and hopefully your neighbor squirrel will be happy with her tree nest!

iott said...

How funny! I have been there and done that, for sure! Except my "mouse" was a rat (fortunately I never met it face-to face, thanks to my cats). And I, too, had to deal with the whole squirrel of the little guys seemed to imprint on me a bit. I wish you all the very best - live traps are great! (and if the squirrel starts chewing again, try hot sauce or really spicy hot oil)

Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all, ADORABLE card!

I so understand the mouse thing. I love mice (the biologist in me) but they do wreak havoc inside a home. We had a problem in one we rented a few years ago. We did the "catch and release" thing (had a local green-way we'd let them out in) along with being vigilant about food, but couldn't catch them all that way. With a dog in our home and my clothes getting destroyed (the urine... ug!), after MONTHS of this, we finally had to resort to sticky traps... which killed me to use. :(

It's hard not to chuckle over the squirrel. Have you tried sprinkling cayenne pepper? That has worked for me in the past with cats that destroy my garden. Gets in their paws and its an irritant to them, but really harmless.