Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Kinds of Crafty

I know I've been absent of late.

Life. 'Nuf said.

I've been busy with stamps but was slow to get things photographed. Today I'll share two things that I've done recently. And there will be more soon.

First, I needed some thank you notes to send but was laking ideas. Then, inspiration hits when the A Muse Newsletter (don't get it? Sign up here) arrived in my inbox last week. Heather created a beautiful card using the *new* Kokeshi doll. I borrowed significantly from her card to make these two cards.

Second, I've been reading some sewing/craft blogs lately and saw some ideas (see Lollychops and Martha Stewart) using small images and some "Wonder Under" to make iron-ons for a shirt. I used parts of the Cupcake Clear set to make this shirt for my daughter.

It is pretty cute, no? I actually made two shirts, one for each of my two big girls.

So, just one more thing before I go. Last night I finally got to experience something my husband LOVES to do, but had never asked me to do with him. I experienced this. Pretty awesome for a man pushing 60!


iott said...

I love the shirt, but I REALLY love those chubby baby arms in the picture - YUM! I loved HEather's card as well - the sakura was on its way to my house that very day. Didn't know how my kokeshi got by wihtout it!

Krystie Lee said...

I love the cards and I'm thrilled that I'm the proud owner of one! My 3 year old daughter loved, too! Thanks, that was very sweet. :)