Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Calendar Stand How-To

I received a few emails and comments about the calendar stand that I had made. Last night I put another one together and took pictures that I could share with you.

This is the strip of 4.5" x 12" piece of cardstock that is used for the stand. You will need a piece of 4.5" square cardstock for the cover, too. I measured, then scored, this piece at 4.5", 9", 10.25" and 11.5".

Then I folded along the score lines. All folds were in the same directions except for 10.25" (this one is the base inverted fold).

After it is folded, I lay really sticky adhesive along the smallest scored area (11.5" to 12" strip). Then I fold it up and under to adhere to the facing edge (along the 4.5" side).

Here are the parts ready to assemble.  See the cover?  It is a *sneak peak* of the new A Muse clear sets that come out on the first day of fall!   Now is when I get the Bind It All machine out and get to work.

And here is the final project (you can see the pretty trees better now)!  This works really well for the A Muse calendar that is the square format.  I haven't played with the 4-bar or A2 sizes, but I'm sure all are easy to adapt.  Maybe if I can find some time, I will try it.  If I am successful, I will share, too! Here are a few more of the interior pages.  I used a variety of A Muse and Saltbox Studio stamps.  And I made it really simple, just using my colored pencils to outline each image. And I used a different scalloped line between the month and days. I really love the look of it this way. If you have any questions about this, leave a comment or email, please.


Lori Barnett said...

Thanks so much for sharing that! I think it looks pretty easy -- very A Muse :)

freshaircrafting said...

Thank you so much for sharing those instructions!! Now I have to go make one!

Tisha said...

Awesome tutorial, Elena! You all are going to *make* me buy a Bind-it-all!!

Becky Rusher said...

Thanks for sharing the instructions, Elena! I love your calendar!

jenstamps said...

Great tutorial!!! I so need to get a Bind -It-All now!

Jen said...

This is really pretty Elena! I love how you kept it simple, and used the scallops. Thanks for the directions.

Nancy Ward said...


Today I posted an entry to my blog with a link to this tutorial.

Would you let me know if that's OK?


Nancy Ward