Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quick Invites

I've been down in the crafty dumps the last few days since getting sick and it is just hard sometimes to get out of there. I'm trying, but I'm not there yet. So, I thought I'd go ahead and share an invitation I made for just a few family members for my son's First Communion. We are going to have brunch here for my family after the Mass. But instead of sending out an email, I decided to make invites. It really is so nice to get real mail and I am glad I took the time to do this. I computer generated all the info, stamped the church birdhouse from The Saltbox Studio and highlighted a few areas, added it to the top of the invitations, and 1-2-3, quick like a bunny, I was done! I love when something goes so smoothly.

Have a great Wednesday!

Oh yeah, check out Tami's new blog! She is one of the A Muse Instructors in Minnesota.


melissa said...

These are adorable-great great job! Feel better!

iott said...

What a beautiful card! Now that it's done, take care of yourself!

jenstamps said...

These are wonderful!!!

Hope your feeling better soon!!!

Tami said...

this is so nice elena. thanks for mentioning me. little 'ole me. You know I'm an Elena fan. I hope you feel better soon. Love your card designs.

Heather said...

These are really cute, Elena! Love the scallop at the top!

PJ Coleman said...

"quick like a bunny"... you go, Frank Muller.

- Uncle Peaches