Monday, December 24, 2007

Almost Ready (playing catch-up)

Last night I was busy, busy, getting packages wrapped and tagged. It is such a "job", but I love doing it. I'd love to have beautiful wrappings flowing from beneath my tree, but with kids, it doesn't seem worth it. But I do make some special and my eldest daughter wanted to make a sparkly one, too, so I snapped a couple of photos of tags to share:

Last week my daughter performed the "Penguin Polka" at school. I wanted to give her a little something special for this, so I made her a pair of earrings to wear.

She was so excited and showed them off to her classmates. She told one of the girls that I had made them in the oven, too. I love shrinky dinks!

And one final thing to share (sorry for the long post). For a teacher gift, I usually try to make something yummy for them to share with their families. I made some homemade (not-so)thin mints and placed those in old chocolate tins. I jazzed up the tins a bit with patterned paper and some stamped images. Here is a photo of the two canisters for the teachers:

Well, that sums up the better part of my previous week (aren't you glad I left out the not so good part? You'd have been here for quite a while!) I hope the remainder of your holidays are beautiful!

info: there is a lot here, so if you really want something specific, email me and I'll get back to you!

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cute site! Merry Christmas!