Monday, July 2, 2007

Goodbyes are sad

We have a wonderful family at our church, who, with five children, are crazier than we are attending the early morning Mass. We have become quite friendly with them and my daughter Emma was looking forward to starting first grade with one of their daughters. But we just learned that the father has accepted a job teaching at Virginia Tech and they will be moving by early August. We will miss them very much. I am trying to come up with a nice card to give them before they move. Here is my first try. I don't know if I will use it, but I liked the idea of the family moving into a "castle" here. Only I need to have seven little ducks in the picture ;) I almost shaded these birds to look like seagulls. But you know what? Virginia Tech is not near the sea, and the mascot is a turkey, so I think I will try and try again!
card info: notecard, images and sentiment by A Muse, colored pencils.

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yanling said...

u r great !
The cards looked cute n lovely ^o^
I m mother of 2 kids ....1 of my kids s hyperactivity child ...
I quite envious u -- proud mum!