Saturday, July 27, 2013

Late to class

Things have been really quiet here on this little blog o' mine.  We are in the midst of a big construction project and things inside the house are in disarray so I find very little time to stamp because it is hard to get to the space!  I've stamped here and there over the last couple of months but nothing worth sharing, really.

But, I have the desire to get back into it, so I signed up for the Online Card Class Summer Card Camp 2.  It has been going on for the last three weeks but I am just now really getting into doing any lessons.  My note for the teachers for being tardy: I was out of town and came back pestered by an allergic reaction and two of my kids have gotten sick.  It hasn't been the most ideal circumstances to jump in to watching the videos and trying some new ideas, but I'm trying.  I actually stamped the last two nights just so I could participate while class was actually in session!

A quick share, using my phone photos (because the main home computer hard drive has decided that four years old is old enough!):

This is for a sketch from week 3.  I need a card for a babysitter who is off to college in a few weeks and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get one made.  I also used the color combination for the week.  Two birds with one card...

This was for the Week 3 Day 4 assignment: try something new.  I've only done the distressed ink/spritz/watercolor/resist thing once before, so it is still new to me.  Instead of spritzing with water, I used a sparkly finishing spray to experiment.  It came out ok and much more subtle than all out glitter.  I also am trying to use pattered paper more.  I've got loads of it, but I'm not very good at incorporating it into cards.  One day I hope to be better at it!

Well, I hope to have something more to share later, especially cards that I find satisfying.  Here's hoping...

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Anonymous said...

Great cards Elena! I especially love how the second one turned out. Trying something new suits you :)