Friday, October 5, 2012

Always in My Thoughts

Hello all.  I'm not sure who might still be out there reading but I have a few cards to share today.  I didn't do much in the way of stamping during September.  Once the kids went off to school, I found myself incredibly busy with meetings and errands and chores.  And my evenings are now filled with baseball games and homework so I am exhausted by 9 pm!

One thing I did during late September was an Online Card Class - Kick Start.  I really feel like I needed  jumper cables to get back to stamping much.  This class helped me reorganize some things and pilfer through drawers and such.  I even felt like going through some inspiration snippets that I had been keeping for a while in order to compile it all into one space.  Sometimes taking a step back and evaluating all of the stuff helps.  In this case, it helped me get four cards made!

I finally found a zebra stripe background stamp!  I had been looking for one ever since my mom gave my youngest daughter a pair of zebra stripe socks almost two years ago.  This card was inspired by her socks; not just the print, but the color combination, too.

This card I used a layout from an old sketch I found in a notebook.  I modified it a little to fit the card and it isn't what I envisioned, but hey, that is ok!  I used the old chalk-inks-with-colored-pencil-shading technique here.  Coloring is so relaxing.

This card is also from a sketch.  I love different fonts/type when mixed together over a common theme. I had plenty of Halloween sentiments that fit together nicely to make a background.  A fun card destined for some great kids I know.

Lastly, a card based on a card I saw in a Paper Crafts magazine recently.  I love the look that mounting a die cut shape on the same color of paper gives a card almost like an embossed image.  This card I made while thinking about my sister.  She would be enjoying life with her husband a two girls today had cancer not taken over.  She wanted to be remembered by us whenever we saw butterflies.   I miss her every day, but today especially.  Four years later, she is always in my thoughts, some good, some sad, but always there.  I hope I see lots of butterflies (or moths that look like butterflies) today.


Marilynn said...

Glad to see you have had a chance to do some cards. Reorganizing does help to inspire me as well. Nice batch that you made here.

Unknown said...

I'm here I'm here, and still lovin your stuff Elena!

Unknown said...

that was me Elena Sherry Czarnecki! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards -especially the one in honor of your sister. I'll cross my fingers for lots of butterflies :) Hugs to you!