Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Birthdays Begin...

Fall means lots of things to lots of people. Here in the Shac house, it means the onslaught of birthdays. Two of my girls have birthdays in the next seven days. My oldest will turn 12 on Thanksgiving Day and I hit 40 in December. I think we might just ignore that last one, though.

My youngest has never had a birthday party! Since she is turning five, we figured it was time for an all-out birthday bash. We decided that there would be some boys here for the party so we didn't want to do anything too girl-ish (my daughter's word) so we are going to do carnival games in the backyard. I made some invitations, mixing an oldie with a newbie, to hand out last week:

Now, it is on to getting the beanbag toss, ring toss, cake walk, balloon pop and all the other games together. Should be a fun day, if the weather cooperates. Keep those fingers crossed for me!

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