Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School

Well, we still have a week + of summer vacation but it seems like everywhere else school has begun. One of my daughters has a best friend who recently moved overseas and she started school on Wednesday. I've been meaning to get a card made for her and finally got around to it last night.

The stamped images are all retired A Muse stamps and the sentiment and twine are from a muse studio.

I actually had to clean my stamping hole a bit before getting to stamp because we had an earthquake the other day and it shook some things off my shelves! I had ribbon spools and containers of buttons all over my desk and almost accused my kids of getting in there without permission.

Now, I am preparing for possible hurricane/tropical storm conditions starting tomorrow evening. So, up on my roof I'll go today to clean gutters of all the yellow leaves that have been falling due to the overly hot and dry summer. Mother Nature is really upset - first drought, then earthquake (plus aftershocks) and now a hurricane. At least my son is getting to see and experience all of his fifth grade science studies in action!


PennyH said...

Cute card! I need to make a few teacher cards this weekend. My kids start school on Monday. Can you believe some people have even felt the earthquake here in PA? I just sat down at my computer & I felt something very strange. I felt like I was shaking. And my dining room ceiling was making some strange creeking house was shaking! I was a bit confused as I looked around & noticed the water in our fish aquarium was swishing back & forth. I didn't find out until about 30 minutes later when I received a phone call from my mom asking me if I felt the earthquake. She had been trying to call me soon after it happened, but couldn't get through. When she tried my cell phone she said some man answered & when she tried my house phone, a girl answered. Lol! And now we are going to be hit this weekend with the heavy rain & strong winds from the hurricane. My daughter started cheering this year & the first football game was supposed to be Sunday, but they already cancelled it.

Anonymous said...

Love the fun card especially that glittery apple. I always have the intention to make something for my colleagues at the start of the year, but camp and getting the room ready seem to get in the way. You are SO my hero :)

And congrats for experiencing your earthquakes :) Those are the fun ones.

Best of luck with Irene!