Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Could Really Go for One of These

It is finally hazy, hot and humid here outside the nation's Capitol! It seemed to take forever for us to get our regular summer weather and now it is just right. My grass is brown, my flowers are droopy and my hose caddy never gets re-wound because I am watering like crazy. I just came in from a hour of weeding my wildflower patch (funny how those weeds could care less about heat and drought) and thought, "Boy, I could go for some ice cream." Too bad for me, there is none in the house.

But, it reminded me that I had a card to share! The latest A Muse Lounge challenge is to ink up a stamp you own that has not yet been used. I recently purchased the Mandy's World ice cream girl and made a card with her the other night.

Looks good enough to eat! Which reminds me, I've got to get to the store to buy some ice cream ASAP!

card info: papaya notecard, ice cream girl, sentiment, orange notecard, orange asterix notecard by A Muse, colored pencils, quickie glue pen, glitter by The Art Institute.


sherryc said...

I had my first today, hard ice cream coconut almond YUM! I would go shopping just to stand in the COOLER!

Kerry said...

Cute!! I wish I can have an ice-cream like this. Hehe!

Jennie M said...

Such a cute card! I love these colors! Thanks so much for playing along with the challenge Elena! :)

mtfalco said...

Love how you punched each word in this phrase! clever!

Anonymous said...

very fun card Elena! i hope you were able to go and get that ice cream. :)