Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christmas Planner

One of the things I have been working on these past few nights has been a Christmas Planner. My mom had introduced me to a website called Organized Christmas a while ago. I never got around to looking at it for last year. Then, as soon as I saw Christmas stuff going out in the stores it reminded me of checking in on the website.

When I was poking around I found a bunch of Christmas Planners made by crafty people. There is a sister website called Christmas Planner that has lots of free downloads for Christmas Planners. I found a bunch that I felt would be helpful to me here (check out the "basic pages" section). I created a word document and pasted the .pdf files to fit four to a page so that I could make a smaller book. Here is a look at the interior pages:

There are calendar pages for November through January so you can add important dates right into your planner. 

I made a pocket page that holds some blank pages that I will use for my kids' wish lists.  I can pull these out whenever I go shopping.

There are also pages to keep your gift information organized.  I usually make gifts for teachers, secretaries, mail carrier, etc., so this is a good one.

There is also a section for a six week plan of getting organized that I printed out; I just forgot to photograph it.  I think that having this on the counter in my kitchen for the next two months will help me in getting things ready in a more timely and relaxed manner.  With these hopes, I planned the covers for this book to be reuasable.  All I will have to do is take off the binding coil and reprint the interior pages for next year.  Here is a look at the front cover:

I stamped the trees on a sturdy piece of acetate and added the glitter to the back side.  The frame I stamped and adhered it to the backside, as well.  The "2008" and holly was stamped onto the vintage paper which is the first page of the book.  I can change that for next year, too.  

I have already started to write in the little planner and I am looking forward to getting more organized this year!


Anonymous said...

Wow thats smart

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Jennie M said...

This is such a fun idea Elena!

jenstamps said...

What a GREAT planner!!!