Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Baking & Sewing Shac

This week, to keep my mind occupied, I decided it was time to get my daughters' Halloween costumes done. All three are going to be fairies. However, I only had one costume that would fit the littlest girl. So I've been sewing! I first worked on the oldest one's costume, because she knew what she wanted. I did ok with this, only two boo-boos, and a few minor adjustments to it, but she is so happy with it, so that is all that matters.

The second one was a bit different, but I had more success with it, not a mistake at all! I couldn't believe it. She wanted to be TInkerbell, but purple. So this is Purplebell's costume.

And, finally, yesterday was the youngest one's birthday. My baby is two. Her hair is getting long enough for short pigtails and she is talking and exerting her will. Here she is enjoying, and being highly protective of, her cupcake.

I will be back very soon with some stampy stuff. I haven't had much time this week to work on things to share. I guess I need a little motivation. Anyone want to see something stamped?


Jill said...

Wow Elena, you are my hero! What lucky fairies :)

Nicole said...

You are SO talented! I can only dream about making my kids costumes.... first I should learn how to use a sewing machine! They will be darling. And Happy birthday to you little cupcake eater!