Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Pleasures of Reading

Yesterday was Read Across America Day at school. Being a former teacher, I have a great love of reading, especially children's books. My kids have a tremendous love of reading, too. It has always been the case that my son would drop whatever he is playing with and come listen to me read to his sisters, even if it is a story he has heard before or if it is for wee children. That really astonishes me, but I am grateful that he does. And now my oldest two can read aloud to the little girls, so they get a lot of special sibling time.

I've been wanting to document my kids' love of reading in some way. This past Saturday morning, they were up early. While I was making waffles, they all found books to look at or read, so I snapped a few photos of the kids and books all over the floor (ask me how many times a day I pick up books off the floor!) and made this little mini book. I LOVE mini books better than large albums because these are fun to make and come together easily. Tired of reading my blah, blah, blah yet? Ok, so onto the pictures

This is the cover of the book. I used a mini scrapbook from Petaloo for this. I like the weight of the material and it was fun to embellish it, too. Sorry for the weird orange hue to the photo!

This is the first shot of the inside, where you can see the accordion that comes out. I think accordion pages are fun.

And this is the whole thing opened up. Like my subliminal message there in bright orange letters? I can't wait to show this to my kids today, they are really my biggest fans. And thanks to Heather for the color combo inspiration!

box by Petaloo, stamps, ribbon and orange/patterned paper by A Muse, cardstock from my supply, brads by Making Memories, Copic markers - manganese blue, honey, warm gray no.2.


Tisha said...

Elena - This is AMAZING!! I love the colors, the size, the way you combined the sentiments on the front!! Love it!!

My kids are big readers, too! The other night, my 10 year old and 3 year old were supposed to be sleeping, but they were both under the covers in one bed reading with a flashlight- at 11 pm!

adelina said...

This is a beautiful project! I love that blue color! My little B is big into books. She's obsessed with Curious George right now. Last month it was Clifford the big red dog.

Heather said...

Great project!!!

jenstamps said...

What a great project and a great way to celebrate Read Across America!

My kiddos are all older now so I don't get to read to them anymore but they all still love to read. I love taking them to Barnes and Noble a few times a month for a new book.

Michelle Clark said...

What a great project!