Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Two-fer

Well, I have been meaning to do one of the A Muse Addicts Yahoo! group challenges for a while, but just never found the time to do it. I took a little bit of my scheduled cleaning time today to make a this quick card for the monochromatic challenge that ends today! I guess I am in the mood for lots of pink this month, so I made this card with two shades of pink. Quick and easy and it is a 3" x 3" card, too, so nice for a gift!

This card I made some time ago, just never got around to sharing it with you. This is for all of you who come and check up on me regularly. I really do treasure the internet/blog friends I have made! It is always nice to hear from those of you who leave me a comment, too. So, in return for the warm fuzzy feelings you all have given me, I have an A Muse giveaway in honor of World Card Making Day! I had thought to make this a toughie, but then decided to go easy on you ;) If you would like to enter, all you have to do is tell me TWO things:
1. What is your favorite or most-used A Muse stamp?
2. What A Muse stamp do you most desire to own?
I will leave this open through Saturday, October 6, midnight (I'm east coast). I will pull a number from the hat and post the winner on Sunday! Please, only one entry per person. I can't wait to hear from you! Good luck!!!!!

card #1 info: cardstock by Bazzill and my supply, images and sentiment by A Muse.

card #2 info: paper, image and sentiment by A Muse, clip by Making Memories, crystals by EK Success, ribbon by May Arts.


Regina Davis said...

Great cards and most excellent blog candy. I check your blog daily and always find something beautiful and inspirational.

My favorite A Muse stamp (right now) is the Pumpkin Tree. I hope to some day own the Santa Coat (to go with the sentiment that I already own "A Candy Cane A Day Keeps Santa On His Way".

Nicole said...

Hi Elena, so glad you are doing the Yahoo challenges, LOVE your stuff. My most commonly used A Muse stamp is the Daisy doodle 3-4106C. I use it for a ton of scenes with all of the shops. I would love to own every A Muse expression... well, actually every stamp but lately I keep eyeing the swirly bracket.

Rhonda Maynard said...

These are both cute cards! I'm so glad you decided to do the Yahoo group challenge!!

Let's see:

My favorite A Muse stamp is tough to decide, but I'll say right now it's Tinplate for a bg and the Rock Star for a main image.

The stamp I most want right now is Snow Angel, but I have a long list!

Jen said...

Love your cards, thanks for sharing!
My favorite Amuse stamp...there are so many! I really love the Hey Cupcake stamp and use that alot.
The stamp I most want right now is Makenna, but I add more to my list every day. I'm sure on Saturday the list will be getting longer :)
Jen D.

Katie said...

Hi Elena! Cute cards!

My favorite A Muse stamp is the long retired Thank you gift, I use it all the time.

The stamp I want the most is the new Coffee Break clear set...I LOVE coffee and I've been dying for an A Muse "thanks a latte" stamp.

PennyH said...

These are both great cards! Love the pink's perfect for this month too.

Let's see...I have a hard time trying to figure out what my favorite Amuse stamp is. There are sooo many! I guess at the moment my favorite is Parade 2-2623D It's just so cute!

The Amuse stamp that I most desire to own right now is Witches brew 2-2647D (along with a whole bunch of other Halloween ones)

I am going to a rubber stamp convention in York, PA this weekend and I get to work at the Amuse booth with Cindy on Sunday. I will be helping her with making cards with the customers. I can't wait! I already have a list of stamps to take with me. I've been saving my money for this event because there are no stamp stores near me that sell Amuse stamps. So I'll be there to shop on Saturday and work on Sunday. And maybe do a little more shopping on Sunday too. Thanks, Elena for all you do! I love checking and seeing everything you share with us.

Connie said...

More than any other A Muse stamp, I use my tiny bird. I have been wanting the Tire Swing stamp for a while, but I keep no buying it for myself.

Sarah said...

I love the challenge cards.

My favorite A Muse stamp is Seattle Girl. Not exactly versatile, but incredibly cute.

I have always wanted the Lots of Dots background, but somehow it has never made the trip into my craft room.

Denise... said...

Well, I only have one Amuse stamp to my name :c( and it is the ornaments...but I hope to own the skinny oval someday.

Amanda said...

Well, my most used A Muse stamp is probably the scooter (Nadia 2-7027D) and my most desired it probably anything new... sometimes I am embarrassed my the size of my collection :)

Jennie M. said...

Hi Elena!
Thanks for the fun chance to win something!
My favorite and most used A Muse stamp (right now) is the gerber daisy. I love that one!!
The stamp I want most right now is the new soccer boy!
Thanks for all of the inspiration!
(mocjen on SCS)

scrappintrish said...

I would definatly have to say my most used AMuse stamp would have to be Sniffer the dog. He is the only A Muse stamp I won. I LOVE him. He was given to me by a very dear friend!..
And I would LOVE to have ALL of the A Muse stamps. I can't pick just one!

imteresa said...

Oh, I find I'm always using the sentiment "Congratulations" (for a baby, new house, etc.), but I most desire "thanks a bunch." Thanks for the opportunity to play!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elena! Love the eye candy that you share with us and love the blog candy offer too:)!!!
My favorite most used A Muse stamp would be Tiny Bird. I perch her on chairs, branch etc!!
My most desired stamp now would be Vespa beautiful Sept Bumper card from the Yahoo group used that stamp (card made by Sarah Bertolino). never wanted it before I received this card!
Thanks! Tinla

Anonymous said...

Hi Elena...

Thanks for sharing all of your work. They're all great!

The most A Must stamp used that I own is "have the funnest birthday ever." And the one I most desire to own is the "chandelier."


iott said...

Hi Elena! fun quiz - I love reading all the posts from the fellow addicts. My favorite stamp is the "a true friend is the greatest blessing" - I adore that stamp! And I am dying to own calamity jane, since I always wanted to be a cowgirl whe I grew up.

Lovely cards, as always! TFS!

Sarah (WAstamper on SCS) said...

Hi Elena. I would have to say my oft-used A Muse stamp is Ellie. I've had her forever and seem to always go back to her for a quick card. She just looks so happy:)

I just placed another A Muse order - my wishlist is sooo long! I do really want the polka dot frame, though, and it never seems to make it onto the short list... Thanks for sharing your great cards with us!

Elyss Jennings said...

1. What is your favorite or most-used A Muse stamp?
Happy holidays MA 8-8345C
I make a lot of x mas cards!!

2. What A Muse stamp do you most desire to own?
Edward 2-2135C
He is just so cute!!


Nancy said...

Hi Elena..thanks for sharing in the fun.

My all time favorite A Muse stamp is "Three Cups" 7-1064C. It's been out for a while, but I LOVE it!!

For which I most desire to own, I think it will be the new "Coffee Break" clear set, but since I have only seen a sneak peak of that, I will say "Polka Dot Mug" 2-7116C. Can you tell there is a them going on here? :)

Louise said...

My current favorite is the Love Bus. I would like to have Eskimo Girl. Love all the Amuse stamps! And and enjoy your blog!

denny said...

Hello. I was really digging the pink polka dot card and was going to leave a comment anyway. Thanks for the opportunity to win some goodies. My current fav amuse stamp is the nurse (Florence) since I'm almost an RN! I put her on all my thank you cards to preceptors and instructors. I really would like to get the polka dot mug sometime soon... especially since winter is coming up. Can't wait to see your new creations!

Kim Lookabaugh said...

My most-used A Muse stamp is the thanks block (9-8110F).

I need to start collecting the building/shops. Love them!

lexi said...

great cards! i went with pink for the challenge too--popular choice this week actually! i like the questions...

1. rock star (no surprise!)
2. i just finalized a big order, so this one is a bit harder--but i didn't focus on summer, so i'll go with the tent--i love the feet sticking out!

:) lexi

marcie said...

Your cards are always so cute! My favorite a Muse stamp is Patch (love that dog) and the stamp I want to get next is probably (hard to choose!) Baby Penguin. Thanks!

Sarah Sheridan said...

Adorable cards!

My most used A Muse stamp is the 3 birch trees. I use it for so many winter and fall scenes. I would love to own every A Muse stamp, but I think Florence is at the top of my list :)

Tracy said...

Ooohh what great questions. This will be difficult as I love ALL A Muse stamps.
My favorite stamp is the Stamp Shop.

I REALLY, REALLY have wanted the Even Dot Background stamp for the longest time.

Thanks for a chance to play!

kim linley said...

I love your cards!! My favorite A Muse stamp is the Tire Swing and the stamp I would love to own is Sniffer. He just reminds me of my own dog with his nose to the turf!

Michaelann said...

Hi!! Your blog is great!! I would have to say that my most used amuse stamp is the girl holding the flowers but the cute sentiments are the ones on my wishlist "I wheely..." etc.

Amy said...

Your blog is inspiring!

My current favorite A Muse stamp is Baby Penguin. I really want the new Holiday Greetings clear stamp set.

Cookie said...

1. I use my Flower Cart stamp alot...I love it...
2. And for my most desired stamp I wish I had I am going to say The Ice Cream Truck....Thanks :)

Sarah said...


My favorite is the swimming pool. It's so cute! I really want the hula girl.


PKBB said...

My favorite is the farmer and poison.
Most desired? the new stitched images.