Saturday, September 8, 2007

Beaded Pen

I made two more pens for my kids to take to their teachers last week. I made these a little more thoughtfully than the first pen I made. I sort of followed a tutorial I had found on Splitcoast Stampers, see it here. I changed a few things, though. I didn't have any of the shipping labels, nor did I heat any adhesive, mostly because I was running short on time. I don't know what the heating does to the adhesive, either, so whether or not it is crucial, I cannot tell. So what I am going to do is show you the method to my madness in creating a beaded pen.

This is the template I made. The measurement of 3 1/8" is wrong. It should read 3 1/4".

I traced the template twice on a piece of plain paper (not cardstock), then stamped my sentiment in the center, horizontally.

I masked the sentiment and stamped the tiny apple all over.

I removed the mask and stamped the lacy scallop oval on top of the sentiment. Then I colored in all of the apples.

For this next part, refer to the tutorial linked above. I applied the red line tape adhesive to the stamped paper and adhered that to the pen, rolling as smoothly as possible. I then cut a piece of Art Accentz double sided tape (it comes in sheets) and adhered it to the top of the pen carefully. The tricky part is remembering to remove the backing before you secure the end piece all the way.

Roll your pen in clear glass micro beads. I have a small plastic tray that I spread out the beads in that fit the pen perfectly.

Here is the finished pen, complete with ribbon. The teachers loved their special pens, too! ***I do want to add this tidbit: Many people place their pen tops on the ends of the pens when writing with the pen. If you want to do this, CAREFULLY measure your paper so that you leave some space to do this. I did not do that on the first pen I made and it bothered me a little that I couldn't push the top onto the bottom at all. For these pens, I made sure that there was a little space to do so.***

images by A Muse, red line tape, Art Accentz double sided tape sheets, RSVP pen by Pentel, ribbon by May Arts, micro glass beads, Prismacolor markers - leaf green and crimson red.


iott said...

Beautiful! A thoughtful and useful gift.

Evelyn ( said...

Thanks for the tutorial on the changes you made. I like how you substituted for the labels.

I made beaded pens and did not heat the adhesive either. The differences I found are that the beads are a lot smoother on the pen when you heat the adhesive. Also, with use of the pen, the beads come off the pen when it has not been heated. Not sure if others have had the same experience, but that is what happened to me.