Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I feel so guilty

I've spent the last three nights with a younger man! Wouldn't that give me a good reason to feel bad? I just wanted to read what happened to Harry Potter so I've been up until midnight reading the book. In my defense, my husband was out of town, so I don't sleep well anyway. So, now I know, and I feel better, albeit, sad that there will be no more adventures from his "life."
So, on to stamping. I have a card to share that I didn't get around to posting last week. It features the new tiny apple from A*MUSE A*PALOOZA 2007, as well as one of the new ovals.

I will probably make a few of these like postcards that I can use for correspondence with my kids' teachers throughout the year, probably with less embellishments, though.

I am sure that you all are just on the edge of your seats, waiting to hear who will be receiving the stamp shop card in the mail! Yeah, right. Ok, so my son said to choose the sixth entry, which means MELISSA! you will be getting something besides bills in the mail soon :) Email me your address, and I will get it to the post office tomorrow! I also want to thank Elizabeth for her GREAT idea of using the stamp shop as a thank you for swap hostess/participants. I've decided to use it for an ATC swap I joined, too. Have a great day stampers!

card info: notecard, papers, images and sentiment by A Muse, ribbons by May Arts and my supply of scraps.


scoopy (Emily) said...

I've been reading Harry Potter too - probably about a third left to read. I haven't touched it today because I know once I do, I won't be able to put it down!

Amanda said...

Gosh, my son Sam and I are are reading the books together, and we are only on the 5th one... I really want to know if Harry prevails, but I guess I'll have to wait (make him read faster!)
P.S. don't you love that little apple?

Elizabeth Royalty said...

aw... that lil' doggie with the apple is so dog-gone cute (ugh.. what a horrible pun, sorry... :)

can you believe it, I'm back to reading book one! ack! i read the whole series (one through 5 I think) when I was preggo with my first one, but have totally forgotten what happened (surprise, surprise... baby brain, ya know...). In fact, I finished the last one I read while I was in labor! :) good times...

denny said...

Too cute!

Connie said...

This is a super sweet card. Great work.