Thursday, June 21, 2007

Two more silly days to celebrate

Are you ready for this celebration? If you are a fan of 80's music, you will want to mark August 10 on your calendars, put up your polo shirt collars and tease your hair. Get eyeliner and highlights! Cuff your pants and suck in your cheeks! It is National Duran Duran Appreciation Day!!!!! Of course, this holiday would be for me, not my kids :) I tried to make the rock star wearing a bit of eye makeup, but my fine point pen was not quite *fine* enough. I did make him wearing shiny leather pants, though (thanks to the Sakura glaze pen!). I think the Duran Duran guitarist was a Taylor, but I can't remember for sure - Andy? Anyone know? I forgot to look it up.

This is most definitely a day for my whole family. We love ice cream any way we can get it! We get the Ben and Jerry's free cone day on our calendars as soon as we find out (April) and our calendar just so happens to be from Turkey Hill Ice cream, so we get to check out all the yummy ice cream treats each and every day of the year! Maybe I can plan ahead and let the kids have yummy treats to put with their ice cream this year. Mine might be covered in brand new rubber, seeing as how July 15 is the last day of A*MUSE A*PALOOZA.

Card info: more cardstock scraps, images by A Muse, Sakura glaze pen, Le Plume markers, pop dots.


Anonymous said...

Love all your "holiday" cards :) Will you celebrate September 19th - International Talk like a Pirate day?

Arrr! Me hearties.

Kind Regards Jackie in the UK

lexi said...

i found a source for august 10 as lazy day. i think a combo would work well--be lazy and listen to duran duran! this is fun! :) lexi

lexi said...

forgot to say i love your cardstock spotlights!

Novell said...

I am sooo all over your Duran Duran day but it really should be August 9th since that is my birthday. The guitarist was Andy Taylor and the guitarist on the bass was/is John Taylor (swoon).

Anonymous said...

When I made my comment the other day I hadn't realised the ITLAP day was the inspiration for the #8 challenge, I discovered this today - You must have thought I was a bit daft :) Jackie in the UK