Saturday, June 23, 2007

More mini-cards - July celebrations

I had a productive night! These are a few that I made and I have a two more to share later today. It makes a lot of sense to have July as Grilling month. The only thing that I don't like about the grilling is having mosquitoes bothering me while being outside. I am a regular griller - dogs, burgers, chicken, fajitas, etc. My in-laws do pizza, though. I might try that out this year. Do you do unusual grilling?

July 20 is a busy day for me. It is not only Lollipop day, but also my husband AND my mom's birthdays. We usually do something all together and I make each of them a special dessert. I wounder if I can incorporate lollipops into the cheesecake my husband asks for each year? *I don't know if it is visible, but I added swirls to the brads to mimic the lollipop swirl.*

This is for my mom, as well as all the other gorgeous grandmothers out there. Back story: when my son was born, I asked my parents what they wanted to be called. They didn't really have any suggestions at first. When Joey started to babble, I told them to come up with something and we tried a few things. My mom said, "What about Gorgeous?" They mostly call her Yaya, but when they really want something from her, they call her Gorgeous Yaya :) So, when I saw this holiday I knew I had to make a mini card for it! However, I didn't know what I could use as a grandma stamp. What I ended up doing was stamping Hula Girl in black, then I took a q-tip and rolled it over the hair so it would pick up some of the dark ink. When I stamped it, it the color was a little dull and grandma needed to be gorgeous, so I colored over the hair with a Sakura stardust pen and voila! - a silver fox!
Card info: cardstock scraps, images by A Muse, brads by Making Memories, Prismacolor and Le Plume markers.


lexi said...

i love your gorgeous grandma! too cute! :) lexi

Connie said...

These are cute, nice work.